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REFERENDUM 12-13 giugno 2011



REFERENDUM 12-13 giugno 2011

Italian nationals residing abroad and some categories of Italian nationals residing temporarily abroad, as indicated below, may vote in referenda to abrogate laws on 12th and 13th June.

Italian nationals registered with the AIRE Office may vote for the referenda by post only.

Also, those Italian nationals only temporarily abroad, e.g. 1) army personnel or members of the police force assigned abroad, 2) civil servants posted abroad or 3) university professors and their family members living with them, may vote by post. To be able to vote, electors and their family members living with them who only temporarily reside abroad and who belong to one of the above categories, will have to sign a statement for electoral purposes no later than 8th May 2011.

Electors residing abroad and those only temporarily abroad (as per the above categories) will receive from the Consulate an electoral pack containing the ballot papers and the instructions on how to vote by post.

Those who do not receive their electoral pack by 29th May will need to go to the Consular Office to verify their electoral position.

Those who are temporarily abroad but do not belong to one of the above three categories may only vote in Italy at the polling stations set up in their “Comune” (Town Hall).

At the end of the electoral operations, ballot papers voted by Italian nationals residing abroad and received by the Consulates by 4pm on 9th June 2011, will be sent to Italy where they will be counted by  the Ufficio Centrale per la Circoscrizione Estero (Central Office for the Overseas Constituency) set up at the Court of Appeal of Rome.

Please note that by 14th April those electors residing abroad registered in this consular district and who intend to vote in Italy, will need to express their wish to vote in Italy by post or sending a fax (021 22049628) to the Consulate of Italy, by using the relevant form which can be downloaded from this link (PDF format). The scanned form can also be sent by email to:

The referendum questions will be focused on:

a)   popular referendum no. 1  –  Ways to entrust and manage economic-related public services.  Repeal;

b)   popular referendum no. 2  –  Establishment of the fee for integrated water supply on the basis of an adequate remuneration of invested capital. Partial repeal of legislation;

c)   popular referendum no. 3  –  New plants for the production of nuclear energy.  Partial repeal of legislation;

d)   popular referendum no. 4  –  Repeal of parts of law no. 51 of 7 April 2010, in matters relating to a valid reason of the President of the Council of Ministers and of the Ministers not to appear at a penal court hearing, as resulting from judgment no. 23 of  2011 of the Constitutional Court.